#YesWeCode as Counter Narrative Campaign

  The year of 2012 was the Year of the Code, when non-profit organizations, celebrities, politicians, and Silicon Valley CEOs joined in the Learn to Code Movement. Considering that digital technology is rooted in American society and that the tech industry will produce thousands of jobs in the coming years, goes the argument, coding isContinue reading “#YesWeCode as Counter Narrative Campaign”

Must Our Work Always Include Social Justice?

Photo credit: Flickr user sylvar We need only to recall several recent events and read several think pieces to dredge up the falsities of post-racial America. I won’t get any more specific because the specifics are so obvious and so rooted in our minds that even the most privileged cannot claim ignorance of what hasContinue reading “Must Our Work Always Include Social Justice?”

Using GIFs for Social Action and Dignity

Last Friday Tracy Chapman released a collection of what she considered the best songs from her 25-year career. In anticipation of Tracy’s Greatest Hits album, Hermione Hoby wrote a character profile of the shy musician. This interview, and other recent interviews with her, is important because Chapman last released an album in 2009 and sheContinue reading “Using GIFs for Social Action and Dignity”