Must Our Work Always Include Social Justice?

Photo credit: Flickr user sylvar We need only to recall several recent events and read several think pieces to dredge up the falsities of post-racial America. I won’t get any more specific because the specifics are so obvious and so rooted in our minds that even the most privileged cannot claim ignorance of what hasContinue reading “Must Our Work Always Include Social Justice?”

Black “Code” Studies, “Coding”, and Literacy

Photo by┬áMichael Himbeault┬ávia Flickr Two thoughts came to my mind this morning that I realized needed further exploration in a couple posts. I haven’t read enough to really put flesh on their bones. In fact, I think I’ve only collected a few bones. I highlight the ideas here in a stream of consciousness in hopesContinue reading “Black “Code” Studies, “Coding”, and Literacy”