I use qualitative methods to understand how racially marginalized people access and use emerging digital technologies to re-shape their socio-material and economic conditions. This moment of rapid technological change has seen increased physical access to the Internet for racially marginalized people, shifting scholarly attention to how they use technology in their everyday lives. Currently, my program of research question is : “How do racially marginalized people access technologies to create for themselves the expected promises of bridging the so-called digital divide?”

My current research focuses on Black adults learning and using computer programming in a variety of context, most recently in community-engage nonprofit career training programs. I’m currently writing a book proposal based on a year-long ethnographic study at a computer code bootcamp called Between Learning and Opportunity: The Literacy Pivots Black Adults Make to Use Coding Literacy.   I have published two articles based on this study. They offer a glimpse of what’s to come in the longer book project.

Works in Progress

As I write my book proposal I’m currently writing two article manuscripts

  1. “It’s Testimony Time! Confessing the Power of Pivoting Literacies with Computer Programming (completed data analysis)
  2. “Writing into Inclusion from the Margins” (book chapter revised and under review as of July 15, 2020)

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