In the past year I have pursued building on the computer programming that I learned in 2016 when I took a course in th Python Programming language. I believe that design and interaction are fundamental ways of communication; in my attempt to understand how design/interaction impact our relationship with our social realities, I make an effort to create such interactions in addition to reading and teaching about this topic.

Minority Brogrammer Simulator

This website describes the immersive virtual game Minority Brogrammer Simulator. This was a project for a 2015 graduate course on digital rhetoric and social activism.

Inspired by the video game Fair Play, developed by Games Learning Society Studios, and recent critiques of Silicon Valley’s toxic brogrammer culture, I proposed Minority Brogrammer Simulator. This software program would be included in diversity and inclusion workshops for white male computer programmers and engineers. As I wrote on the website, “Minority Brogrammer Simulator is an immersive video game that has employees roleplay of a marginalized software engineer at a major tech company. As they embody another identity, the player carries the concerns and thoughts of the character–his or her family situation, financial responsibilities, medical concerns, etc. Both the position and the character’s real background will be foundations for the microaggressions the character encounters.”

Visit the website here and view the preview images below.

The homepage for the simulator



Unlike Minority Brogrammer, which was built in Wix, Heliograph is a website I designed using HTML, CSS, and AngularJS. This has been created for mobile devices. The common design approach for websites is to design for mobile phones first and then scale to desktop version. The webpage below is response to screen sizes.

Heliograph the product isn’t real; I came up with the product to practice my coding skills. The website is not live, so I provide a screenshot of the opening page. The website is a work in progress!

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