Print-Based Texts

I have extended my writing and teaching to writing genres that require attention to both content and design. My primary work here has been completed in Adobe InDesign.

Cirque Sans Sommeil

This brochure describes a physical theme park installation called Cirque Sans Sommeil. Modeled after the activist artist Bansky’s Dismaland, Cirque Sans Sommeil invites citizens of Madison, WI to behold the spectacle of poverty. The installation brings awareness about poverty and galvanizes visitors to take some kind of action, such writing to city council and the mayor or starting a nonprofit. This was a group project, and my role was to learn InDesign to create the framework of the brochure, mainly the placement of text and image.

This was a project for a 2015 graduate course on digital rhetoric and social activism.

Promotional Materials for UMKC English Department

I created the fly and posters design below to as part of an effort to promote the English major and minor on campus. My colleague Dr. Hadara Bar-Nadav designed one of the original fliers. Then I led revision efforts using Adobe InDesign. Using creative input from Dr. Bar-Nadav, I designed four versions. The department chair viewed these four selected the two designs below for printing and distribution. These materials are used to encourage undergraduates to declare English as their major or minor, increasing enrollment in the English Department.




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