Since 2016, I’ve been teaching myself computer programming. I took a large lecture- and lab-based  computer science course. In that course, I created a range of small programs using what’s often called the gateway programming language — Python. As I’ve conducted more research on software studies, I’ve returned to being a practitioner of computer programming off and on. I’ve provided below links to some of the software I’ve created in Python.

I’m continuing to learn computer programming. At the moment, I’m re-learning the basics in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. My end goal is to learn React and use my knowledge to create academic webtexts for publication.

Banking Software

This program mimics online banking software. The user can create a new account, add a new transaction, or check how much money exists in their account. I created this program for a college course called CS301, an introduction to Python.



This computer program, when executed, will check if a given word is an anagram.

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