Embrace the Emoji. And Then Kiss It.

Oxford Dictionary declared emoji the word of the year and then went even further by researching the most used emoji in 2015. Of course, the choice doesn’t sit well with some purists–emoji isn’t a word per se, it’s a pictograph.1 For some, It’s yet another sign of language’s degradation and the end of good, clear thinking.Continue reading “Embrace the Emoji. And Then Kiss It.”

When the First Voice You Hear Is Your Own

This academic year I’m working in the UW Madison Writing Center as an instructor. Being at a research one university, the Writing Center welcomes not only undergraduates across disciplines but also graduates. Master’s students with theses and doctoral candidates with dissertations. This seems daunting for any tutor: he or she  must help a student withContinue reading “When the First Voice You Hear Is Your Own”

My Toy: The Mystery Box

On Tuesday, we unveiled our toys constructed from everyday items. I put together The Mystery Box, constructed from a Timex watch box, plastic water bottle, some string, packaging tape. The box I decorated with monster cards I found in the kitchen drawer and dropped a few M&Ms and Cheerios inside the box. Underneath the boxContinue reading “My Toy: The Mystery Box”

Black “Code” Studies, “Coding”, and Literacy

Photo by Michael Himbeault via Flickr Two thoughts came to my mind this morning that I realized needed further exploration in a couple posts. I haven’t read enough to really put flesh on their bones. In fact, I think I’ve only collected a few bones. I highlight the ideas here in a stream of consciousness in hopesContinue reading “Black “Code” Studies, “Coding”, and Literacy”