I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at University of Missouri – Kansas City, where I teach courses in Black/African American literacies, digital writing, professional and technical communication, and college composition . I study how Black/African American access and learn digital literacies to challenge economic and racial inequality in their communities. With a background in English education, I’m also interested in developing writing program curricula that broadens students’ rhetorical awareness of multiple digital and print genres for professional and community activist purposes.

My dissertation In Pursuit of Uncommon Literacies: African American Adults’ Experiences in a Computer Code Bootcamp updates understandings of the connection between literacy and race through a qualitative study of African American adults’ experiences learning computer coding literacy in a code bootcamp. I complicate notions that coding literacy can lead to vast opportunities for racially marginalized people, especially adults looking for rapid career changes or upward mobility. I argue that coding literacy own its own may not scaffold or promote social advancement for African Americans, but it maybe repurposed into multiple contexts for more personal survival or success. This use of coding literacy may promote a different kind of social mobility.

Please look around my tiny website to learn more about my teaching and research. If you are interested in learning more, looking to collaborate on a project, or might be thinking about inviting me to lead a workshop or give a talk, you can e-mail me at antoniobyrd@umkc.edu